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10:05 a.m. in JC 107

 Stories of Faith, Hope, Justice, and Love

If you have any questions or requests of/for speakers, please email: nonynfu+znybar+rqh.




1.16.15  Tanya Hershberger 
& Amber Balash (be:justice leaders)
 'For the Bible tells me so' - why social justice matters and how it connects to God's word
1.23.15  Aaron Brown, Community Outreach Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity  Housing/Poverty
1.30.15  Kristen Beck  Animal/Creation Stewardship
2.6.15  Kellie Johnson, M.D., Executive Director,  Access Health Stark County  Health Care
2.13.15  Moses Rumano, Ph.D.  Education & justice
2.20.15  Dan & Julie Hooley, Pastor, First Mennonite for nearly 30 years  Working for peace and justice 
2.27.15  Dustin White, pastor, Radial Church, Somos leader  Immigration
3.13.15 Corey Easterday, Director of Currents, Ohio (Laundry Love, Affordable Christmas) Poverty & hope 
3.20.15 Ashley George, community outreach leader at Partners against trafficking of humans Stark (PATHS), community care specialist at Siffrin  Human Trafficking 
3.27.15  Winnie King, wife of MU President David King  Q & A about justice issues
4.10.15  Chris Abrams, V.P., Student Affairs  Adoption
4.17.15  Scott Schnyders, Refuge of Hope  Homelessness
4.24.15 Liga Mullins  How to love our neighbor and the role of neighborhoods in society
5.1.15  Chad Minor, Rising Hope  Homelessness/poverty