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Strategic Planning Committee

Steering Committee

Chris Abrams, Vice President for Student Development

Jeff Beine, Assistant Professor of Education

Joy Brathwaite, Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs

Marj Carlson-Hurst   Dean of the School of Business and Leadership

Becky Fort, University Librarian

Steve Jensen, Professor of English

Dennis Kincaid, Professor of Business Administration

David King, President (ex officio)

Paula Kurre, Enrollment and Student Services, Nursing

Debra Lee, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nate Phinney, Dean of the School Theology, Arts & Sciences

Rhoda Sommers, Dean of Education and Human Development

Brenda Stevens, Director of Multicultural Services

Howard Taylor, Senior Gifts Director

Don Tucker, Provost 

Committee Staff

Charles Lartey, Director of Assessment

Karen Warner, Assistant to the Provost, Institutional Research

Teresa Pittenger, Assistant to the Provost