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Directory of Student Organizations

Find your niche with one of the many student organizations at Malone University

Organization Adviser Contact Info.
25th St. Productions Jack Ballard 330-471-8332
Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Honor Society) Tammie McKenzie 330-471-8226
Alpha Rho Iota (English Honor Society) Randi Pahlau 330-471-8218
Association of Information Technology Professionals Jim Glasgow 330-471-8372
Art Club Christine Shearer 330-471-8231
AVISO (Campus newspaper) Michael Garwood 330-471-8365
be:Justice Amber Balash & Tanya Hershberger 330-471-8241
Blossom Residence Hall Council Stacy Utecht 330-588-7119
Chamber Choir Jon Peterson                      330-471-8476
Chancel Players Tammie McKenzie 330-471-8226
Cheerleading Club Charlie Grimes & Melanie Nettle 330-471-8438
Chess Club Alex Yu 330-471-8246
Chorale Jon Peterson 330-471-8476
Commuters Melody Scott 330-471-8282
Dead Presidents Society/History and Social Sciences Jay Case 330-471-8182
DeVol Hall Residence Hall Council Adam Dvorak 330-588-7531
D.O.T.S. - Department of Theology Students Linda Hamilton 330-471-8382
Electro.Acoustic Ensemble Jack Ballard 330-471-8332
ENACTUS Beth Postlewaite 330-471-8336
Eta Sigma Gamma (Health Education Honor Society) Pam Hoalt 330-471-8223
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Jeff Leon                  
Financial Management Association International Bert Smith 330-471-8192
Flute Ensemble Julie Sarver 330-471-8231
Fox/Whittier Residence Hall Council Anne Schrock 330-588-7910
Future Scientists of Malone Donghai Chen & Gail Pigford 330-471-8178
Haviland Hall Residence Hall Council Ryan Palmer 330-588-7441
Heritage Hall Residence Hall Council Kat Gritter 330-588-7523
Ichthys Society Shawn Floyd 330-471-8561
Intramurals Charlie Grimes 330-471-8438
Jazz Ensemble Steve Grimo 330-471-8231
Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society) Chanda Coblentz 330-471-8464
Lamba Pi Eta (Communications Honor Society) Marcia Everett 330-471-8335
Malone International Student Association Brenda Stevens 330-471-8328
Marching Band Steven Grimo 330-471-8219
Music Ministry Experience Jon Peterson 330-471-8476
Multicultural Student Union (MSU) Brenda Stevens 330-471-8328
Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) Julia Hooley 330-471-8167
Nurses Student Association (MNSA) Bridget McNulty 330-471-8473
Ohio Music Educators Association (OCMEA) Steve Grimo 330-471-8376
One Voice Gospel Choir Brenda Stevens 330-471-8328
Open Frame Film Festival Steve Pustay 330-471-8157
Opera Theater Cynthia Wohlschlager 330-471-8324
Outdoor Club Jack Harris 330-471-8247
PGB Residence Hall Council Ryan Palmer 330-588-7441
Philosophy Club Shawn Floyd/Allen Plug 330-471-8561
Pi Alpha (Social Work Honor Society) Jane Hoyt-Oliver 330-471-8180
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society) Scott Waalkes 330-471-8396
Pioneer Pride Chris Abrams 330-471-8282
Pre-Professional Club Kate Huisinga/Nicholette Rogers 330-471-8178
Psychology Club Eb de Oliveira 330-471-8367
SCOPE (Students Committed to Outreach for Persons with Exceptionalities) Jeff Beine 330-471-8621
Social Work Club Karen Slovak 330-471-8180
Sigma Theta Tau International (Nursing Honor Society) Robin Adams-Weber 330-471-8108
Sigma Zeta (Science and Math Honor Society) David Hahn 330-471-8290
Sport Management Association Mark Bankert 330-471-8293
Student Activities Council (SAC) Melody Scott 330-471-8282
Student Senate Chris Abrams 330-471-8282
Student Writers Guild Jaclyn Dwyer 330-471-8365
Symphonic Band Steven Grimo 330-471-8219
Wellness Council Joyce Byler 330-471-8486
Woolman Residence Hall Council Anne Schrock 330-588-7910
Worldview Forum Council Chris Abrams 330-471-8282
Zoological Organization of Malone (ZOOM) Karyn Collie 330-471-8175