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How to Join Student Senate

We are very glad that you are interested in joining the Malone University Student Senate! Student Senate is the place on campus where the students are encouraged and expected to voice their opinion in an effort to make Malone a more enjoyable place for current and future students.

To learn more about a position, visit the current directories for the president's cabinet and class representatives. Feel free to contact any current member to ask more questions.

Ways to Join Student Senate:


General elections for class representatives are held every fall and spring semester. Students are elected by popular vote from members of their graduating class. The student body president and vice president for the upcoming school year are elected by popular vote from the entire student body in the spring election.


Candidates for director positions are appointed through an interview process with the outgoing and incoming student body president and vice president, faculty advisers, and the director currently serving in that position.

Steering Committee

If a student wishes to join Senate but missed the general election, he or she may contact the vice president of the student body and apply for a mid-term appointment on the consideration of the steering committee.

If you should have any questions before you apply or during the campaign season, please do not hesitate to contact the vice president.