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Senate Actions

The Malone University Student Senate hears your student concerns and takes action to improve the Malone Experience. Student Senate serves as a liaison between the student body and the institution's leaders. Seeking to represent the students and serve the university, the members of Student Senate strive to bring glory to Christ in a unique approach.

Additionally, Student Senate endeavors to provide an effective avenue of communication among students, faculty, and administration. Working through committees, Student Senate plays a significant role in shaping the total academic, spiritual and social life of the Malone community.

Take a look at the following Student Senate proposals to see what has been brought before the institution's leaders this year:

Blossom Mail

Left-Handed Desks

Van Rental Costs

JC Parking Spaces

RA Event Funding

Swipe Entry in Barn


Actions of the 54th Student Senate:

JC Courtyard Letter

SIR Evaluations

Student Worship

Campus Safety Concerns

Extended Visitation

Osborne Intersection Concerns

Centennial Center Computer Lab

Library Hours

Safe Space

Dining Commons Chapel

Accessibility Issues