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The Philos - Student Yearbook

Since the 2005-2006 school year, the yearbook has been delivered as a DVD to all seniors.

In addition to the DVD, all photographs taken by and for the Philos are available for browsing, viewing, and downloading via our flickr site. Click the appropriate link below to browse this year and past years yearbook photographs.

Do you have questions or comments about the yearbook? Send us a note via email! Our email address is cuvybf+znybar+rqh 

2008-2009 Yearbook

Editor: Stephen Thomas

Associate Editor: Julie Pickering

Photographer: Christopher DeMichel

Music: Jordan Morrison

2007-2008 Yearbook

Editor: Stephen Thomas

Co-associate editors: Aaron Freeman and Mallory Graham

Lead Photographer: Lindsay Krocker

Music: David Warstler

2006-2007 Yearbook

Editor: Andrew Siragusa

Associate Editor: Stephen Thomas

Photographer: Chad Nicoletti

2005-2006 Yearbook

Editor: Crystal Moniot

Associate Editors: Christina Elliot & Stephanie Nichols

Lead Photographer: Janice Murosky

Yearbook Adviser 2008-2009: Adam Klemann