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Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

The Diversity and Inclusion committee worked together to align a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Planning process with Malone University's mission, biblical principles, and educational goals.  The committee spent a significant amount of time reviewing the educational foundation of the institution to draw guidance in forming mission, goals, and foundation for a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. 


The Committee:

Brenda Stevens

Michael Fairless

David Hahn

Charles Lartey

Tanya Hockman

Jay Case

Mark Jakowski

Norma Bardo

Tracy Miller

Lora Wyss

Cecil Fransman

Student representative

Diane Stevens Robinson, DSR & Associates

Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

Guided by Malone University's mission statement and foundational principles, we recognize that God has worked throughout history to bless and redeem the world and create a kingdom composed of every nation, tribe, people, and language.  Malone University, as a learning community committed to biblical principles, seeks to value and reflect the diversity in God's creation.  Therefore, we are committed to promoting inclusive excellence and furthering our understanding of diversity as we live out our mission and educational goals.

Diversity Definition

We recognize differences from multiple perspectives and provide opportunities for mutual excellence within the context of our foundational principles.

Educational Rationale for Diversity

Increased diversity at Malone University and other colleges and universities will:

  • help faculty, staff, and students effectively communicate and interact across cultures
  • address changing demographics
  • provide different perspectives (critical to education students, preparing them to succeed and serve in a multicultural, interdependent world)
  • enhance critical thinking skills of faculty, staff, and students
  • challenge all stereotypical thought processes
  • allow for institutional growth
  • increase our ability to provide a quality education to the campus community

For more information contact the office of Multicultural Services at Malone University or ofgriraf+znybar+rqh.