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Hall Governance

Residence Life Staff

As a Malone University resident, you will experience various educational and social programs that are designed to help broaden the scope of your personal educational goals. These programs are both informative and fun. Many people are involved in the successful administration and programming of activities in the residence halls. Those people are:

Resident Directors

Resident Directors are professional staff that live in the halls. They are responsible for the overall operations of their respective buildings. Each of these professional staff members have received special training in student development, problem solving, supervision, communication and other important skills for facilitating life in the halls.

The Resident Directors' responsibilities include the cultivation of a biblical, living, learning community, supervising the Resident Advisers, advising Hall Council, and assisting with development and recreational programming for on-campus residents.

Each Resident Director provides regularly scheduled office hours for student's convenience. The locations of these offices vary from building to building.

  • R.D. Office and Phone
  • DeVol Hall: First Floor DeVol Hall - x7531
  • Woolman: First Floor Whittier - x7910
  • Fox/Whittier: 2nd Floor Fox - x7907
  • Penn, Gurney, Barclay: First Floor Barclay - x781
  • Heritage Hall: First Floor Heritage Hall - x7523
  • Haviland Hall: First Floor - x7441

Resident Advisers

Resident Advisers are students who are carefully selected to work closely with the professional staff and to be available for your needs. They are chosen for their leadership experience, training in interpersonal skills and their desire to have a positive impact on the student life environment.

Resident Advisers are an intercommunication link between the student and the rest of the campus community. They assist in planning social, educational, and developmental programs in the halls. Resident Advisers are also responsible at the hall and floor level for working with students and educating them on the rules and regulations of the University and the residence halls. Furthermore, the Resident Adviser is available as a resource person to assist with conflict resolution when necessary.

Hall Council

Each Residence Life Staff has a partnership with a Residence Hall Council. Hall Council is made up of appointed or elected students within the specific hall and assists in providing programming for residents. The nature and structure of each Hall Council varies from building to building.