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Washers and dryers are available in each of the residence halls for resident students only. Should you have any difficulty with an of the machines, please contact the company directly using the numbers on the machines.

Health Needs

Upon check-in to their residence halls, residents will be asked to fill out an Emergency Health Sheet online, which will be kept on file in the R.D.'s office and the Student Development Office. This information will assist our staff in being familiar with any special health-related needs/concerns. If a student becomes ill in the residence halls, the staff is available to help coordinate obtaining meals from our food service. Should a student's health needs necessitate expert medical attention, the residence hall staff will help facilitate transportation to a local hospital and contact the student's parent/guardian. Students may also utilize the Health Center.

Campus Safety

Campus Safety assists in the safety of all persons at Malone and the protection of both personal and University property. All officers are professionally trained to perform their duties and are here to help as well as to protect. The free cooperation of every student is required whenever approached by a security officer. Any student violating campus regulations or refusing to cooperate with a safety officer is subject to discipline up to and including suspension from the University.

Campus Safety can be easily reached if you need help in an emergency situation. If you are off-campus, call 471-8111; if you are on-campus call extension 8111. These numbers will be answered twenty-four hours a day. You will also find a safety officer on duty at The Gatehouse nightly. The Safety Department is here to help when needed. For more information, please refer to the "Home Malone, A Guide to Campus Safety" brochure.

Safety should be notified when:

  • Questionable strangers are on our campus, or in the residence hall
  • A strange/unknown vehicle appears on campus
  • There is a problem with student safety
  • There are situations which require the attention of the Canton City Police.

Safety may be reached at ext. 8251 through any campus phone during business hours which are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. During non-business hours and weekends use ext. 8111.