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Loft Information

If you are interested in building your own loft for WWF or PGB, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Lofts are to be freestanding, at least 24” from the mattress to the ceiling, and at least 3' away from entrances and exits for a clear, safe passageway. Lofts may not interfere with any electrical or safety devices.
  2. Lofts may not be larger than two single bed sleep surfaces.
  3. College furniture (including any built in desks) may not be used as part of the support structure for any part of the loft.
  4. Lofts are to be placed in the rooms within the first two weeks of the semester.
  5. Lofts will be inspected and approved by the Resident Director, who will assure all university requirements are met.
  6. All University furniture is to remain in the room and on the floor of the room (no sub-floors or mezzanine levels).
  7. Lofts must also follow the Room Modification guidelines in the Residence Life Booklets.

Loft Permits must be submitted to your Resident Director before the third week of the semester.