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Penn and Gurney Men's Residence Halls

Penn and Gurney Halls (still commonly known as PGB) are traditional residence halls joined together. PG typically houses mostly freshmen as well as many upperclassmen men. As traditional residence halls, most rooms are doubles, although we do offer a few three and four person rooms. Bathrooms are shared by the residents of each corridor and each floor has a common lounge. PG does not have air conditioning. Laundry machines are located on each floor and are free to residents.


Programs in PGB

Davenport Derby: Most people just sit on couches but here in PGB, we encourage people to stick wheels on them and race them. This event requires only fun and creativity where students will get a group together and decorate a couch with a specific theme in mind and then race them against other teams. Costumes are paramount and fun is had by all who participate.

 The Hog Roast: As the school year starts to wind down there is a desire to kick back and relax.  Here at PGB we do that in fine fashion complete with a Root Beer Keg and Hog Roast. It usually falls a week or two before finals in the spring semester but it's always a blast to see guys throwing Frisbees and playing Cornhole, while anxiously awaiting a plethora of pork.

Room Specifications


Meet the Staff

Resident Director

"I have been an RD here since 2009! I have a wife Danielle that lives in the dorm with me as well as my awesome daughter Zoe and my reckless son Deacon. I love being a part of the Malone community where I have the awesome privilege to live with 200+ college men. PGB  is one of the older residence halls on campus but that just means that it is loaded with memories and traditions that I am not even sure how they started. You will find me interacting with residents through a variety of ways, from disc golfing, to watching movies, to eating together, to listening to them play music. PGB is a place where everyone can find a friend group whether you are a gamer, an athlete, or just serious about your academics.  PGB is place for anyone but a home for everyone. This hall is for people who don't need air conditioning and for people who don't want air conditioning. (Ok it gets hot sometimes, but only for a couple weeks.)  Come live with us in PGB and enjoy being a man!" -Tony Schnyders


Resident Advisers

Kyle Bartzsch - Lower Penn

Jacob Riley - Upper Penn

Lucas Shroades - Lower Gurney

Sam Tonelli - Upper Gurney

PG Floor Plan