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PGB Room Specificactions

Each room contains a bed, desk and chair, clothes closet and drawers, overhead light, desk light and draperies. Each hall contains a TV lounge, laundry facilities, microwave, water fountains and vending machines.

*See the Residence Life Booklet for more information on decorations and room modification.

Door Dimensions: 30-5/8"

Room Dimensions: 16'5" x 11'

Window Dimensions: 51" x 94"

Bed Dimensions: 79 ¾" x 36 ½" **Bed dimensions may fluctuate slightly. We strongly recommend that you measure your bed frame prior to building your loft.

Mattress: 36" x 80"

Ceiling Height: 8'


Loft Information

You are permitted to build a bed loft in WWF and PGB. Click here for more information