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Silver War

Silver War

The Silver War is an initiative created by Residence Life in order to keep you informed of local and global ministries that are meeting the needs of the poor while giving you the opportunity to support them as well.

The Silver War is an exciting, campus-wide game in which each residence hall competes to see who can get the most points! Each residence hall collects money for the first half of November.

 silver war


During the second half of November, all the money each residence hall collects is brought to the Brehme Centennial Center Great Hall, where residence halls begin to compete against one another by making donations into individual residence hall's bins. At the end of November, money is tallied as follows:

* For each SILVER (or paper money) cent a bin contains, a point is be given.

* For each PENNY a bin contains, a point is taken.

This year we raised a grand total of $663.71!



**50% of the funds raised will a local ministry

**50% of the funds raised will support a global ministry



The winning residence hall will receive additional visitation privileges for the month of December!