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Room Decorations

Your room is designed for your comfort and utility, as well as compliance with fire and other building regulations. Room personalization and decorating is encouraged. At the same time, the following guidelines must be followed.

We ask that you refrain from using such items as tape, nails, screws, thumbtacks, or anything that might puncture the surface of the walls, doors, closets, remove paint, etc... This includes mounting stick-up types of light fixtures. Please note that any and all wall damage caused by poster mounts or any other advertised safe hanging adhesive will still be the responsibility of the students living in the room.  Furthermore, we ask that you do not paint and/or wallpaper your room or any of the University furnishings. Waterbeds are not permitted in the residence halls.

Posters/room decorations must be in accordance with biblical principles and standards established by Malone. Inappropriate and/or offensive decorations, which may include, but are not limited to posters which exhibit/reveal or suggest nudity, and/or are pornographic in nature, are not permitted. Public street signs are not permitted.

Only flameproof paper products and other materials may be used in residence halls. No decorations made from dried plant matter or from evergreens may be used (e.g., Christmas trees, wreaths, etc.) Upholstered furniture must be labeled as flame-retardant. The use of candle warmers are prohibited in residence halls.

At no time are fire alarms, detectors, extinguishers, electrical outlets, room lights, etc. to be covered by decorations. No flags, blankets, sheets, clothing, etc., may be hung from the ceiling. Strings of decorations or lights, as well as electrical cords and other similar items may not be strung across, through or above doorways. Doorways, hallways and stairwells must be kept clear of decorations and furnishings, including door mats, which may cause obstructions of any kind.

If you are thinking about decorating your room (i.e., posters, lofts, and rugs) or you are in doubt of a particular decorating idea, please see your resident adviser or resident director.