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Office of Student Development

Phone: 330-471-8273

Hours: 8 a.m. -  4:30 p.m.

Building: Randall Campus Center ("The Barn") on the second level


Malone University recognizes that your out-of-class experiences are vital to a holistic education, and the Department of Student Development seeks to develop individuals in maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith who are committed to serving the Church, community, and world.

Campus life at Malone is varied and engaging. We're athletes, artists, activists, listeners, thinkers, singers, researchers and adventurers. In Student Development, we offer tools and resources to assist students in becoming their best selves. The Office of Student Development oversees several departments and organizations as well as manages several day-to-day operations listed below.

Departments and Organizations

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athletic logo 

Athletics: The university sponsors more than 20 men's and women's athletic teams as part of the NCAA and NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association).


Campus Safety: Our team fosters a climate that allows individuals to live, study, work, and visit campus in a safe environment.  Areas of focus include: fire safety, weather safety, and safety from crime. 


 Counseling Center:  Our staff of professional mental health counselors offer high quality short-term treatment to students as well as off-campus referral assistance.


 Health Center: Trained nurses and doctors offer up-to-date information on health issues and offer medical services on campus that will support you during your academic journey.


 Multicultural Services : We provide resources, support services and educational programming, and maintains a community that is more inclusive of under-represented American ethnic minorities and international students.


SAC Orientation & SAC: (Student Activities Council): promotes a connected campus environment through multiple opportunities for student learning and development.


Residence Life: When it's time to relax and hang with friends, we kick back in our residence halls or attend an event. Take a tour of the halls. 

Spiritual Formation : our team provides Christian faith development opportunities for individuals and groups in a variety of campus contexts that teach students how to develop a worldview rooted in scripture and how to actively grow in their relationship with God.

Student Senate serves our student body and various organizations.

Student Activities and Organizations: As a student at Malone, you'll never run out of things to do or groups to join. Whether you love music, art, theater, communications—or want to join a service group or academic club—the opportunities are many and the limitations are few.

res life


Other day-to-day operations in Student Development:

  • Student I.D. Cards: Lost or damaged cards can be replaced for $5 in the Office of Student Development (call 330-471-8273).

  • Housing Questions: Changes in any Residential Housing Service, Commuter status and/or Off-Campus Housing Petitions can be filed through the office of Residence Life. Click here for an off-campus housing packet/petition.

  • Meal Plan Changes: Campus dining services provided by AVI, Fresh. Commuters or Residents may sign up for a meal plan through the Office of Student Development during listed business hours. Dining Options are available at Hoover Dining Commons, Froggy's, Regula Cafe, and Emma's.

  • Parking Tickets

    Looking for the student handbook?  This document  communicates expectations for all members of the Malone community.