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Center for Student Success


The mission of the Center for Student Success at Malone University is to promote and implement a variety of intentionally designed programs, resources, and services to guide students in fulfilling their individual academic and career goals. Ultimately, the office supports students in their pursuit of life-long learning, personal/spiritual growth, and career readiness as they prepare to serve their communities and the world upon graduation.

The Center for Student Success coordinates campus-wide efforts to promote learning and encourages success and retention through graduation. The office continually strives to improve student satisfaction and connection with the Malone community.

Center for Student Success

Founders Hall, #68

Phone: 330-471-8250 | Fax: 330-471-8390 | Email: pff+znybar+rqh 

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed on national holidays.

  • Accessibility Services

    Malone provides students with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in all programs, services and activities. Our goal is to provide reasonable accommodations and a supportive, well-resourced environment to students with disabilities in order to promote student success.

  • Testing Services

    We work with students taking ACT Residual tests, CLEP exams, placement tests, and provide special accommodations for testing when needed.

  • Study Skill Resources

    Read advice for time management, reading strategies, overcoming test anxiety, note-taking, making good choices, stress management, and more.

  • Academic Advising

    We begin working with new students as soon as they register to schedule classes, explore career interests, develop action plans, and more!

  • Tutoring Services

    Free peer tutoring services are offered to help students better understand material and improve their grades. Professional Tutoring is also available through a fee-based program.

  • Career Development Services

    We prepare students for their career, help them make valuable connections to the world outside of Malone, and help them transition from university student to professional.