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Most Common Documented Disabilities

In order to receive academic accommodations, the student must provide documentation of the disability from an appropriate professional. Click here for additional information about Documentation Requirements.

Attention Deficit Disorder

  • A copy of a diagnostic report from within the last three years which states the DSM diagnosis, symptoms, and functional limitations
  • instruments and procedures used to make the diagnosis
  • dosage, type, and frequency of medication. 
  • Download this form to be filled out by a professional.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Learning Disability

  • A copy of a comprehensive psycho-educational test battery administered within the last three years, with a statement of diagnosis, academic limitations resulting from disability, and type of learning disability (all test scores must include subtest scores);
  • a copy of a recent IEP and Multi factored Evaluation, if available. 
  • Download this form to be filled out by a professional

Medical Disability

Mobility Impairment

Psychologist/Psychiatric Disability

Visual Impairment

Students with other types of disabilities should consult with Anna Meadows at 330-471-8496 or nzrnqbjf+znybar+rqh to determine the required documentation.