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Job Search Checklist

Here is a checklist of activities, documents and resources that can help you stay focused - and organized. Enjoy a sense of internship/career search readiness and confidence as you pursue your goals. 

  • Pray for God's wisdom in all of your decision making and actions
  • Personal assessment (identify specific skills, strengths and values using the assessment tool Malone.MyPlan.com )
  • Resume (one page preferred - education, nursing and ministry majors may have up to two pages)
  • Cover Letter (customized to each position using the specific job description)
  • Reference page - list five references (ask permission and provide a copy of your resume to each person)
  • Letters of recommendation - from professors or supervisors (paid or unpaid positions)
  • Portfolio - a purposeful collection of certificates, illustrations, special experiences, lesson plans, etc. (max of 10-15 pages). Use the MaloneCareerConnect.com portfolio module to build an electronic version. Samples and step-by-step instructions are provided. 
  • Marketing list - 25 employers for whom you would like to work
  • Research each company/organization/school on your list - check for annual report information
  • Statement of faith/ testimony - anyone applying to a Christian organization (one page summary)
  • Philosophy of teaching - education majors (one page summary)
  • Make a list of your top skills/traits - illustrate each with examples
  • Prepare good questions to ask an employer during an interview (8-10)
  • Learn how to present yourself over the telephone and pre-interview
  • Conduct information and participate in mock interviews to gain networking/interview experience  
  • Prepare interview clothes and accessories - be professional and conservative. If in doubt, don't wear it.
  • Networking list - provide a copy of your resume to all in your network and maintain regular contact 
  • Conduct informational interviews starting with the people from your network
  • Get organized; use a planner/calendar to schedule your job search
  • Prepare your interview clothes by checking to see that all are clean, pressed and polished. Choose clothing that is dark in color and conservative in style.
  • After the interview, ask for business cards or write down the correct spelling of the interviewer's name(s) and job title of each person
  • Thank-you note cards - always send a note within 24 hours after every interview
  • Update your resume and resubmit it on-line to MaloneCareerConnect.com each semester
  • Call or e-mail pjvaarl+znybar+rqh  after you accept an internship/ job offer

Prepare for a meaningful career - make your own mission statement and live it!