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Job Search Resources

Looking for a job? Browse the many resources listed below:

  • College Central Network- The nation's largest network of college job seekers. Showcase your talents to over one million employers!

  • OhioMeansJobs - Serving Stark and Tuscarawas counties. It is Ohio's premier workforce development and training center that connect job seekers with employers by providing numerous free resources in a single location.

  • CareerOneStop- Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, it provides career planning and inspiration, as well as resources for workforce training and education choices.

  • StudentFreelance- The mission is to connect employers with quality talent in the form of American educated students. Freelance provides students an opportunity to use their skills and earn an income while gaining valuable work experience. Employers benefit from a cost effective and scalable solution. Ultimately the goal is for the greater good of the American economy. As more American companies realize the benefit of hiring students on a freelance basis, they will be more inclined to insource their work rather than outsource it, and that will lead to lower unemployment and more job creation among American youths.

  • GoCorps- A partnership of leading missions' agencies that recruits, trains, and sends recent university grads of all majors to serve two year global service placements. GoCorps is on on-ramp to the nations through which recent grads in their 20s can apply and be on the field in six months. Throughout the application and acceptance process, they will help determine the applicant's readiness and which GoCorps' track is best suited for that person. GoCorps is designed to help connect the applicant with a strategic overseas placement among the least reached through one of several effective and strategic partnering mission sending organizations.

  • Teacherport- A free resource that allows new graduates and recently qualified teachers to find teaching jobs abroad.

  • CareerBliss- A free community that empowers job seekers with jobs, reviews, and salaries, along with hundreds of great career advice articles.

  • Ejobapplications- A job application and career information resource for people seeking job opportunities. This is a free resource helping people find specific information and advice on how to apply online and offline to major companies in the U.S. It does not require any personal information or associated fees to use the resources.

  • LearnHowtoBecome- A non-commercial organization which provides detailed insight into 45 of today's most popular career fields, including accounting, engineering, medical assisting, nursing, firefighting, financial advising, and teaching. Each career has its own customized "how-to" guide, which starts by addressing important questions. Each guide dissects educational and professional steps needed to enter the field, including coursework, apprenticeships, and professional exams and certifications.

  • CoolWorks- This resource lists over 400 seasonal employers with application information noted along with details on the locations, housing, culture and more with no cost to the job seeker.

  • JobApplicationForms- Provides printable application forms for large companies, such as retail chains, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as detailed breakdown of how to fill out each section of every job application form.

  • Glassdoor- A free online career community where past and present employees submit company reviews, salaries, and interview information. We also have a job board, with over 15 million job and internship postings, as well as a variety of informative blogs that give great career advice to new and experienced job seekers and interns alike.

  • How to Become- Full of plenty of tips and guides on how to become... anything! It's a great resource and starting-off point for people unsure of how to get into a certain career.

  • FIRESCIENCE -  A guide to help students and families better understand the many public service areas of employment, including what the various jobs entail, job growth outlook, and what employees can expect to earn. 
  • Linkedin- (www.linkedin.com/jobs/) Powerful new took for job-seekers to research and pursue job opportunities tailored just for them. Provides unique, at-a-glance insights to put more power in the job seeker's hands. 
  • USA Jobs - https://www.usajobs.gov
  • Resume Baking - http://www.resumebaking.com - Build your own resume and view samples of others.