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Explore Majors and Careers

It is very common for college students to change academic majors in the first year of studies. We suggest you make well-informed changes to save both time and money.

#1 -  MyPlan is our preferred major and career exploration tool. It is filled with incredibly helpful explanations and you need only begin with two very simple and free assessments. 

  • Create a FREE account using the instructions (access code provided by CSS).
  • Review the sample assessments and reports.
  • Pay careful attention to the "What Can I do with a Major in _______?" information.
  • Complete the Personality and the Interests online assessments                           (first two under the lime green sub-heading).

Go to the MyPlan assessments

For those who like additional information, your access code pays the fee for the next two assessments,  Skills  and Values. Feel free to print out all of your reports and notice your strengths and how they fit with the majors offered here at Malone.


#2  -  Take a peak into various career positions!

JobShadow.com is a website where you can read virtual job shadows of real people with real jobs and find your passion in life.


Have more questions?

Come visit us in the Center for Student Success in Founders Hall - email us at pff+znybar+rqh or call 330-471-8250 for an appointment.