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Search for Internships and Jobs

Making connections with a professional community, prospective employers, and experts in your desired field is vital in today's competitive job market.

A recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey suggested a strong link between students and graduates using the services provided by their career centers and landing viable job offers.

Utilize Malone's career services in the Center for Student Success to help you connect with employers for internships, part-time and seasonal, and eventually full-time career opportunities.


  • Explore Jobs and Internships Now as a Student

    College Central Network is Malone's preferred online site for searching for both career positions and internships. Students may also use the site to find and apply for part-time or seasonal work. It is linked to over 500,000 employers nationwide and permits students to build and post both resumes and portfolios with professional templates.

  • NEOIntern.net

    Look for an internship specifically in Northeastern Ohio.

  • Job Search Tools

    Look into job research tools, salary calculators, and more.

  • Malone University Alumni

    Reach out to the Malone University Alumni Community to be connected with a mentor or shadow an employee at an organization for which you'd like to work!