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Thoughts & Advice From Other Students

bubpbbubp Matt Bubp
Thoughts: Career Development has helped me greatly in preparing my professional resume and preparing me for life post-graduation.
Advice: It’s never too early to get involved with the Career Development office in order to prepare yourself for the professional life after college. Don’t wait until you’re a senior!


Sarkissian Elizabeth Sarkissian
Thoughts: Meeting with an actual person and practicing interviews is helpful. Especially meeting with a stranger and providing a first impression.
Advice: I have learned that eye contact is key. My interviewer said that he noticed that my eye contact allowed him to know that I am listening to him and what he has to say.


Eades John David Eades
Thoughts: I had an excellent meeting with Mr. Larry Sullivan as he took me through the interview process. I learned some helpful things that I will be able to take into future job interviews.
Advice: Take advantage of any interview opportunity you may have because it builds confidence, teaches you new things, and prepares you for interviews down the road.



Andrew Adams
Thoughts: Take advantage of what the Career Development Center has to offer, it will help you become a well rounded individual.
Advice: Don't stress, it's all to your benefit. They are here to help you.