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Profiles in Success: Hannah Hartzler

Hannah I'm Hannah Elise Hartzler, an Exercise Science Major with a Fitness Promotions and Personal Training concentration and a Community Health Education Minor. I will graduate in May of 2013.

There was never anything advertised anywhere for an internship position for Wooster Community Hospital Healthpoint. I am familiar with Healthpoint because I had rehab there as a freshman in high school.

As soon as school finished for the summer, I decided to start updating my resume, cover letter, and references and sending it out to anywhere that might possibly offer me a job or internship related to exercise science, fitness, health, etc.

Sending my resume and cover letter to Healthpoint was kind of done on a whim. I really felt there was a slim chance that I would even get any sort of response from them. I researched their web site and discovered that they did more than just rehab, they also had a whole fitness/wellness center and so I thought I'd send in my resume just to see what would happen.

Like I said, no internships were advertised on their web site. I sent it in on Thursday and got a call Monday. I was very excited and surprised! Totally a blessing from the Lord. The person I ended up interviewing with left me a pretty urgent message wanting to get me inĀ  immediately for an interview. We set up an interview for Wednesday morning. This was my first interview ever, but I felt pretty confident going in to it because I had everything I needed with me... I printed off a fresh resume and cover letter and had them in a folder to take along with me, (he asked for both in the interview, by the way, and was impressed with how prepared I was), along with some of my major projects and awards/certificates. The interview lasted around 45 minutes. I probably talked for about a third of the interview. Also, I was thanked for dressing professionally, but that I wouldn't have to dress that way again (considering it is a fitness setting). But, again, he liked my professional attire. I would suggest that students do this, no matter what type of interview they go in for because it says you are serious about the interview.

Also, come prepared with a few questions to ask the interviewer because they like to see that you are interested in what they are doing. And be prepared. I think that had I not had the extra copies of my resume and cover letter I would have looked less prepared. Taking a chance never hurts when sending in a resume because the worst that can happen is that you don't get the interview or job. Your name gets out there and that counts for something.

To all students, I really think using the services from the Center for Student Success is a opportunity that shouldn't be passed up. Even if it's just sending them in your resume to look over.