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Profile in Success: Alex Hermelin

Alex Hermelin

I am currently working at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. I work on one of the Surgical Intensive Care Units. It is a 12 bed unit for patients hospitalized for traumatic injuries sustained from falls, motor vehicle accidents, violence, etc. I care for patients before and after surgery. Due to the increased acuity of the patient's health, I am responsible for two patients at a time.
After graduating from Malone University, I passed my licensure board exam and started searching online for job openings. While searching online, I found that there was an open house at one of the hospitals. At the open house I was able to meet nursing managers and connect with other nursing colleagues. Two weeks later I was offered a job in the ICU. What an answer to prayer!
The Career Development Center helped me gain confidence in regards to my interviewing skills. The center helped me to prepare for what future employers are looking for. Most of all, the career development center helped me decipher my own personal career goals and aspirations.
Remember that the internet is a great place to find opportunities to meet people whether at open houses, job fairs, etc. A face and conversation is much more memorable and valuable to future employers than just another online application and email. Get out from behind the computer screen and meet people!

- Alex Hermelin '10