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Profile in Success: Katie Laubert

Katie Laubert - Social Work InternI'm Katie Laubert a senior social work major at Malone University. After graduating in the spring, I plan to continue on to graduate school to get my master's degree in geriatric social work.

I prepared for my interview by having numerous interviews with in Career Development. It was there that i received the Job Hunter's Guide booklet, and that helped me tremendously. It was filled with so many facts that helped me to prepare for my interview. I also picked out the suit I was going to wear ahead of time. In preparation for my interview, I also bought a nice portfolio and resume paper.

My interview process at the AAA was formal while at the same time relaxed. I felt comfortable and wasn't as nervous because I was so thoroughly prepared. At first she had me talk about my goals, then we had a dialogue about the agency, and then I was able to ask my set of questions that I had prepared. I highly recommend doing background research about your agency before your interview.

My advice for students would be to prepare as much as possible! I felt so much better about going into my interview because I was ready for what was coming to me. I felt professional with my suit and my organized portfolio. It made me feel that much more confident in myself. I would also recommend setting up interviews with Career Development in the Center for Student Success office, and practicing for your interview until you feel as comfortable as possible.

Good Luck!