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Joe Piporo

Joe Piporo I'm Joe Piporo, a senior Business Administration major at Malone University.

After I graduate in the Spring, I will start my new job. By the Spring semester of my senior year, I was offered a quality control and operations manager position at a construction company. Basically, my job will consist of going to job sites and going through an inspection of our work and talking to the customer to see if they are satisfied. Also, with operations, I am in charge of placing the orders for the supplies and making sure everything is where it needs to be when we go to start the new job.

I enjoy meeting new people and with this job, I will be able to interact with new people every day! What was important for me was finding a company where I would not get lost in the business world, but would be able to find a Christian company that has the same beliefs that I do. I found that in the company that I will be working for and that is truly a blessing for me!

I have been using the Student Success Center all four years while in college. When I transferred into Malone after my sophomore year, I met Colleen. She was great and helped me a ton! I met with her a lot to get my resume and portfolio ready to go. With help from Colleen, I got an internship my junior year with the Akron Aeros and another internship my senior year with The Congress Lake Club. Colleen has helped make my senior year less stressful, and that is partly because I started early. I can't stress enough to start as soon as you can.

You will have an advantage and will be prepared for when you go to look for a job. Most importantly, you will have success in getting the job you want. Colleen is great at her job and has a lot of great advice. Plus, you already pay for the service. So use it! You won't regret it.