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Halle St. John

Halle St. John As a brand new Malone University graduate, I find myself reflecting on my college experience with nothing but gratitude and joy.  My decision to attend Malone University for the last four years stands as one of the best decisions I have ever made as a young woman, specifically because of how Malone has shaped me both intellectually and spiritually.  

The way I have been challenged at Malone has been a supreme blessing, as I have seen my understanding of the world and of myself be dramatically transformed. My communication arts classes have thoroughly prepared me for a professional career, and I couldn't feel more excited to tackle the workplace! Furthermore, Malone University's motto of "Christ's Kingdom First" has been a true testament of the values of this university.

My relationship with Jesus Christ has been greatly cultivated over the past four years, as I have come to a better understanding of what true faith entails. These spiritual lessons, as well as numerous other lessons on relationship building, service, and integrity will go with me as I leave Malone and enter into a career, marriage, and young adult life overall.

With all of that being said, when a student leaves college, they don't just want a nicely framed degree hanging on the wall - that student wants and needs a job. What has been most compelling about Malone University is the way that Career Development in the Center for Student Success has stood by me since my freshman year, helping to equip me with the right tools to GET that job upon graduation.  Throughout my college experience, I have worked with , the Career Development adviser for career advice,  MaloneCareerConnect.com  resume review, and internship and job searching. I have also attended numerous career development events that have helped me to network with prospective clients. Actually, through one of those events during my sophomore year-- The Young Professionals Chocolate Fountain Networking Event - I was offered an internship at the Akron Canton Airport. Although I decided to take a different internship opportunity that summer, the fact that I was able to network in such a successful way at this event speaks to the mission of Malone University.

Recently, I received a job offer for a position at ComDoc that I was genuinely hoping for, and I must say that one of the main reasons I have landed this big step in my career is thanks to Career Development in the Center for Student Success.  I attended the Career Readiness Seminar a few months ago and one of the main speakers was an employee of ComDoc.  After the seminar, I spoke with this guest employer to discuss possible job opportunities.  Soon after, I received word from her that there were a couple openings for positions and she would like to interview me. Five interviews and a 20-minute mock sales presentation later, I received a formal job offer from ComDoc. What has been most interesting about this process is how much my resume has been praised - a resume I have been writing and revising for three years with the Career Development adviser.  It is thanks to Malone University that I am  graduating with a very solid, high-paying, benefits-savvy job lined up for me immediately after I have a degree in hand.

Thank you! I leave Malone with a heart of gratitude for the instrumental ways that you have influenced my success!