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Academic Success Tips

Navigate the academic world wisely and efficiently!


Plan for Success

  • Avoid back-to-back classes, if possible
  • Arrive early on "day one" and sit up front
  • Remember - the schedule the "T" means a Tuesday class and "H" means a Thursday class, so a "TH" class meets BOTH Tuesday and Thursday

Time Management

  • Use an academic planner
  • Make use of all open times between classes (review notes if less than 30 minutes)
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Complete all assignments early

Classroom Success

  • Attend every class
  • Come to class prepared and participate
  • Use a note-taking system that works for you

Study Tips

  • Study in a quiet place
  • Study according to your body clock
  • Take regular breaks
  • Study according to your learning style

Seek Support and Help

  • Don't hesitate to contact an instructor if you have a question, concern, or problem
  • Request a free peer tutoring appointment or form partner study sessions
  • Spend time with students who care about school and academics
  • Contact the Center for Student Success to set up an appointment at 330-471-8250