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Money Management

Become a savvy consumer on- and off- campus!


Money Management Tips

Check out textbook options

  • Comparison shop for textbooks on the bookstore and other online sites
  • Consider your options (rent from the bookstore, buy used or new if necessary)
  • Resell unwanted books immediately after final exams

Ditch your car

  • Use public transportation, a bike, or walk¬†around campus or to nearby locations
  • If you do drive, do not become the "campus taxi" for all your friends

Eat well and wisely

  • Research your options with meal plans in the cafeteria
  • Know that small purchases add up!
  • Be aware of how often you are making trips to fast-food restaurants

Have a weekly budget

  • Keep track of "fixed expenses" and "variable expenses"
  • Save and record receipts when using cash

Discounts and Freebies

  • Check our bookstore for sales
  • Take advantage of free entertainment and sporting events on campus

Earn while you learn

  • Consider an on- or off-campus job, but work less than 20 or 25 hours per week if you are keeping a full-time class schedule