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Using a Student Planner

A student planner is a great way to stay organized!

Planners can help you keep track of school work, events, and much more

Important Dates

  • Write in the beginning and ending date of each term - see the Academic Calendar section of the Academic Catalog for all of these details each year.
  • Include days your school will be closed for holidays, vacations, and exam dates
  • You can also include personal events that are important

Daily Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests

  • Write each assignment under the date it is assigned
  • Beside each assignment, write the date it is due
  • Check off each assignment when it's completed
  • Write in all quiz and test dates, along with what chapter or topic they are over

Projects and Papers

  • Break large assignments down into smaller, more manageable parts
  • Write under each day what part you want to complete

Activities and Appointments

  • Write in practices, appointments, social activities
  • Include anything else you want to remember