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Welcome to College


You made the decision to further your education and embark on an adventure that is certain to benefit your future.

College is a period of self-discovery and a time for taking charge of your life, step out of your comfort zone and undertake new challenges. You will assume new responsibilities and overcome new obstacles. You will also develop lifelong friendships and many great memories.

Your journey has begun!

What you can expect

  • Less time in class and more independent study
  • The need for personal responsibility
  • More exams and papers less 'busy work'
  • The need for critical thinking skills

Make the most of college

  • Be friendly
  • Get involved in campus activities
  • Act in accordance with your values

Get off to a good start

  • Get to class early and sit in the front
  • Don't get behind - free tutoring is available!
  • Be organized
  • Explore the campus
  • Create a budget
  • Take care of mind and body

Strive for balance

  • Balance learning, labor, and leisure
  • Make time to work out, relax, and enjoy the surroundings
  • Balance time spent with hometown friends and family, and new college friends
  • Strive for excellence, while understanding that perfection is impossible