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COMPASS Placement/Proficiency Test

COMPASS Testing is an untimed computer-based test used for:

  • Admission of non-traditional students to Malone University OR

  • Placement of accepted students into English and mathematics courses.

COMPASS is NOT a pass or fail test - rather, it is used as a tool to help determine best course placement in English and mathematics.

Math and English class placement is generally determined by the ACT and/or SAT score in both subjects.

If you are placed into ENG 120 "Elements of English" and/or MATH 125 "Introductory Algebra" and would like to test out of those, you have the opportunity to take the COMPASS test. Taking the COMPASS test could help you test out of either one or both of those courses. The COMPASS test reflects a more accurate placement into the most appropriate course level.

Regardless if only one or both subjects are being taken, starting January 2014, the applicable testing fee of $25 is payable in cash only. Check and credit or debit card are not accepted.

The test is administered by the Center for Student Success and you may schedule an appointment by calling 330-471-8249.

Please note: you must take the COMPASS test BEFORE classes begin.