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Testing Accommodations

Center For Student Success

Administering exams to students with disabilities

Students with documented disabilities have the opportunity to schedule their exams in the Center for Student Success.  In order to use this service, Anna Meadows, Director of Student Accessibility Services, must approve and grant testing accommodations.

Student Responsibilities

  • Provide proper documentation of disability to the Director of Student Accessibility Services
  • Deliver letter of granted testing accommodations to faculty
  • Request syllabi from faculty
  • Contact the Center for Student Success to schedule exams as far in advance as possible

Center for Student Success

  • Inform faculty via Malone e-mail address of scheduled testing appointment
  • Provide Instruction Sheet for Testing Accommodations (attached to e-mail)
  • Use the following e-mail to communicate about exams only:securetest...@malone.edu


  • Provide student with syllabi
  • Note different instruction sheets and time requests (JAWS, BRAILLE, etc.)
  • Indicate time given to class for a particular exam on Instruction Sheet for Testing Accommodations (CSS calculates extra time) and other allowed resources (i.e. scratch paper, calculator, dictionary, internet, books, notes, etc.)
  • Submit exam and completed instruction sheet electronically to a secured email address provided by CSS according to outlines on instruction sheet and e-mail

General Information

  • All exams are kept on password protected drives or in a secure and locked location
  • Completed exams will be returned to faculty via e-mail or hand delivered to department

Contact Iris McCarty, Coordinator of Test Services, at 330.471.8249 for more information