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Student in class

Peer and Professional Tutoring

Academic success takes planning and effort. Treat it as your first full-time job.

Academic success involves spending time outside the classroom preparing for class. In fact, this is vital for achieving course and academic goals. Studies show that for every hour in the classroom you should plan to spend approximately two to three hours outside the classroom studying, organizing notes, reading assignments, and completing group projects.

Free Peer Tutoring

All Malone undergraduate students may take advantage of the free Peer Tutoring offered for most 100 and 200 level undergraduate courses.

Appointment Requests:

Please submit a peer tutoring form.

Students and tutors will meet in the Tutoring Center, Founders Hall 34. Additional private tutoring rooms are available for overflow in FH 36 and FH 37 and FH 60.  All subject area tutoring, including Math, will take place in Founders Hall.

Confirmation emails will be sent for all tutoring requests. Peer Tutoring services are free; however, no-shows for scheduled appointments will be charged $20.

Professional tutoring

Students can also take advantage of professional tutoring, a fee-based service provided upon request. Students with disabilities are given priority. Charges will be applied to student accounts in the Business Office. For information on fees, please contact the Center for Student Success at 330-471-8250.

  • Tier I provides up to 20 hours of tutoring per semester
  • Tier II provides 21-30 hours of tutoring per semester
  • Tier III provides 31-40 hours of professional tutoring

Appointment Requests

Please contact Jen Vannest at 330-471-8321 or at jvannest@malone.edu to apply for Professional Tutoring Services and schedule your first appointment.

Additional Requests

Please fill out the  Peer Tutoring Request Form.  Contact Jen Vannest in the Center for Student Success with questions at 330-471-8321.

Requests for tutoring help for 300 and 400 level courses will be met if possible, but are not guaranteed. In the upper-level courses, it is best for students to take the initiative to form a small study group of equally serious students and work directly with instructors during their office hours.