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Preparing for Check-In-- 2016

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We are thrilled that you're planning to join us for #MUSummerCamps2016!
This page contains some information to help you prepare for check-in on Sunday, June 19


Please plan to arrive at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening, June 19. Check-in will be in main lobby of the Johnson Center. Campers will be staying in Blossom Hall, so after you have checked-in, you are welcome to take your belongings to your room and quickly get settled.

At 7 p.m. we will have a formal welcome for all camps in the Johnson Center (JC) Dining Room (there will be signage to direct you), which parents are welcome to attend. About 7:30 p.m., we will dismiss campers to begin orientation and parents will be free to leave.

(Campers will have free time before “lights out” to finish getting settled into their rooms, in the event that you are short on time before the Welcome session.)

*This campus map highlights the locations mentioned above to make navigating campus easy for you.


A detailed camp schedule will be included in your check-in packet upon arrival.

Packing lists and information about the Student Mentors (camp counselors) for your camp can be found on the individual pages for your camp.


The following camps check-out on Thursday afternoon, June 23:

                        Nursing and Public Health Summer Institute
                        Science Careers Camp
                        Computer Science Camp
                        Worship Music Camp
                        Theatre Camp
                        Applied and Scientific Psychology Camp

The following camps check-out on Friday afternoon, June 24:

                        Zoo and Wildlife Biology Camp
                        Young Writers Camp

Depending on the day you depart, we will conclude the camps as a group at 1 p.m. in the JC Dining Room. It will be a great opportunity to highlight the week we enjoyed together before sending students on their way. Parents are welcome to come to this closing session. Campers will be dismissed to collect their belongings from Blossom Hall by 1:30 p.m.


Before you can receive your room key at check-in, we must have the following information on file: 

(If you are registered for Psychology Camp, you also need to sign the Informed Consent Form.)

Please return these via email (poenaaba+znybar+rqh) or U.S. Mail (c/o Connie Brannon, Academic Camps Director, Malone University Relations, 2600 Cleveland Ave NW, 44709) 


Any updates or changes to check-in/check-out procedure will be listed here, so be sure you've reviewed this page before you come to campus.