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The purpose of the auditions for Chamber Music Camp is to assess your current skill level so that our faculty can place you in ensembles and select repertoire accordingly.

Please prepare the selections listed below, and upload a video recording to a video-hosting service (YouTube, Vimeo, or through Google Docs, among others) no later than the Friday, May 27, 2016 deadline.

Email the link for your audition to Connie Brannon at poenaaba+znybar+rqh.

* Audition requirements:

    1. State your name and the school you attend

    2. A solo work of your choice (state the name of the piece and the composer)

    3. The major or minor scale corresponding with your solo work of choice

    4. Choose one of the posted repertoire pieces which you feel best matches your skill level (state which piece you select)

    5. The major or minor scale which corresponds with the repertoire piece you selected


Two Dances Dantz and Ballet by P. Peurel (Beginner)

Scherzo Op 100 for Violin, Celo, and piano (Advanced)

Andante Op 39 No 2 for violin, cello, and piano by J. Klengel (Intermediate)

Allegretto from Trio in D Op 22 No. 1 for violin, cello, and piano by M. Clementi (Early Intermediate)

Any instrumentalists whose instruments are not represented in the audition materials attached are welcome to submit only requirements 1-3