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Rules & Policies

These rules and regulations have been developed to ensure that all campers have a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience on campus.  Participants are expected to be familiar with these rules before arriving, and to abide by them while they are here. A signed copy of this form is required for each participant. Camp participant will not be permitted to check into housing without a completed Rules Form on file.

  1. Participants are expected to be attentive in classes and activity sessions, to be cooperative at all times, and to follow the instructions of the faculty, staff, and Student Mentors. Campers who cause a disturbance, or in any way interfere with instruction, may be removed from the class or activity.
  2. Once you have checked in for the camp, you may not leave the campus grounds for any reason, unless accompanied by a camp faculty or staff member.
  3. Class attendance is mandatory and will be monitored. You will receive a detailed daily schedule upon arrival at check-in. You are responsible for getting yourself to the proper places on time, and must attend all classes and camp social activities. Please do your best to wake up on time and be ready for breakfast each day. If you become ill and cannot attend a class or activity, you must notify your Student Mentor or another camp staff member.
  4. Separate living areas are maintained for male and female students. You are restricted to your own floor within a residence hall except during limited, supervised visiting hours (times to be announced on the first day of the camp). Such visits are restricted to lounge areas only.
  5. The external doors of your residence hall are kept locked at all times. Your swipe card will allow you access to the external entrance of your building. Lock your door when you are not in your room and keep your key and swipe card with you at all times. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  If you lose your key, you will be charged a $50 replacement fee.
  6. During “quiet hours” there will be no loud talking or music. Students should be in their rooms with their lights off and doors closed (10:30 p.m. – 8 a.m.).
  7. All participants must abide by state and federal laws.  No obscene or lewd language or behavior is permitted.  Smoking is not permitted in any University building or campus grounds and absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on University property.
  8. Sturdy footwear must be worn at all times. Students may not go barefoot outside the residence hall.
  9. Unannounced guests are not permitted. If a family member plans to visit, he/she must notify the Academic Camps Director ahead of time.
  10. Any intentional damage to University property, including furniture, rooms, bathrooms, etc. will result in a damage fee to be paid at check-out.
  11. Consideration and courtesy are of utmost importance. Please show respect to your roommate, the other campers, our staff, the faculty, and everyone involved in the academic camp.
  12. No skateboards, roller skates, hoverboards, or roller blades may be used on campus.
  13. The following are considered fire hazards and are not permitted in the residence halls: candles, candle warmers, incense, potpourri burners, sterno cans, sparklers, etc.
  14. It is the University’s intention to assure all reasonable privacy in student rooms. In the interest of the health and general welfare of all residents and buildings, however, the University reserves the right to enter a room for verification of occupancy; for performance of housekeeping or maintenance functions; for health and safety inspections; to protect life, limb, or property; or to assure compliance with state law and University regulations.

Violations of these policies may result in a phone call to your parents, dismissal from camp (without refund), and possible legal action.

Disciplinary Procedures

In order to ensure that all campers can enjoy a positive academic camp experience, prompt action will be taken when problems occur. The misbehavior of one camper, or group of campers, won’t be permitted to negatively impact the camp experience for others.

First offense: Campers failing to adhere to camp rules, or exhibiting behavior obviously intended to annoy or endanger other campers, will be privately and formally warned by a Student Mentor. This warning will inform that subsequent misbehavior will result in a formal meeting with the Academic Camps Director.

Second offense: Subsequent misconduct will result in a meeting with the Academic Camp Director, and a warning that further misconduct will result in removal from camp. At this point, the Academic Camp Director may contact the parent/guardian to advise him/her of the situation and the possible need to pick up the camper upon further misconduct.

Third offense: Any additional inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion from camp.

These are general guidelines for disciplinary protocol, and Malone University reserves the right to handle each situation individually to best serve the needs of all campers. Any of these steps outlined above may be omitted or repeated at the discretion of the camp staff. Campers dismissed from camp for disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund of camp fee.

This procedure is intended to provide a reasonable and consistent method for dealing with the type of behavior that can be disruptive to a camp, but is not so flagrant as to warrant immediate dismissal. Malone University reserves the right to immediately expel a camper for more serious violations to campus policies or for jeopardizing the safety of other campers or camp staff, which may include but is not limited to: inflicting physical or emotional harm on self or others, vandalism or destruction of University property, theft of University property or the property of another campers, possession of alcohol/drugs/weapons, fighting, sexual harassment or misconduct.