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Schedule Highlights

Some of the schedule highlights include: 

  • Field trips to local churches to observe and participate in their worship band practices

  • Workshops with local worship leaders to share leadership techniques for a variety of worship settings

  • Record a worship track in our professional recording studio


Schedule breakdown:

Monday morning

-          Get-to-know-you activities

-          Tour of Malone facilities (Chapel, Worship Center, Media Booth, studio)

-          What is Worship?

Monday afternoon

-          Rehearsal- practice, tips, etc.

-          The Technology of Worship

-          Studio session

Monday evening

-          On campus social activities


Tuesday morning

-          How to lead from the stage

-          How to manage a team

-          Studio session

Tuesday afternoon

-          Instrument training

Tuesday evening

-          6p - Observing rehearsal with Andrew Berg, worship leader and coach

            at Rivertree (Chapel- on campus)

-          7p- Worship gathering w/ Andrew Berg

-          8p- Field trip to Crosspoint UMC to sit in on rehearsal


Wednesday morning

-          Rehearsal/ Instrument training

-          Studio session

Wednesday afternoon

-          Worship run-through

Wednesday evening         

-          Field trip to NewPointe Canton to sit in on rehearsal


Thursday morning

-          Visit studio to hear track

-          Sound check in Stewart Room

-          11 a.m.   - Worship gathering for parents, friends, others.