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Creative Writing Camp

creative writing


Creative Writing Camp flier


When: June 18-22, 2017 (June 18-23 for CCP participants-- see below)

Where: Malone University

Who: Students entering grades 10-12 

Cost: $425 (includes meals, lodging, t-shirt, and transportation/admission to activities)


The registration deadline for this camp is Friday, May 26, 2017!


 (Questions? Email cbrannon@malone.edu)


Creative writing is an invigorating and expressive process that takes inspiration from art, nature, and experience. The stories and poems that writers make can move us in wondrous ways, the writing life begins simply enough: with space, and time, and practice. 

That’s exactly what the Creative Writing Camp will provide for high school artists determined to learn more: a week of expert classroom instruction and workshops, dedicated writing time, and inspiring trips to a variety of settings, capped off by a public reading of their own works. Enjoy an intensive, challenging, but above all fun week free of distractions where you will develop your gifts, meet fellow writers, and be mentored by established, working authors.

Do you want to write? Then, write! 



New This Year! Students can attend the Creative Writing Camp for personal enrichment or they can apply to participate in the camp as part of a 6-week College Credit Plus (CCP) course: ENG 231: Introduction to Creative Writing.

One week of the course will be on-campus instruction through Creative Writers Camp, while the remaining 5 weeks of the course will be completed online.Students who enroll in the course will stay on campus one day longer than the other camp participants (Friday dismissal instead of Thursday dismissal, at a cost of $475 to cover additional meals and housing).

To participate in the CCP course, please begin the application process, then an admissions counselor will follow-up with you regarding your eligibility to enroll.