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Faculty Director and Student Mentor Bios


Jaclyn Dwyer

Director of Creative Writing



I am originally from Pennsylvania and just earned my Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Florida State University where I studied and taught fiction and poetry. I actually met my husband, Rob Stephens, in my first poetry workshop at Florida State; he and I have two young daughters who feature in my writing quite a bit.

I’ve written a number of essays on motherhood, birth, and social policies. I am also interested in writing more about the challenges of raising strong, independent girls in our world and the role that Christianity and faith can play in cultivating self-respect and empathy toward others.

In addition to these essays, I also write poems, stories, and have recently completed a novel. My poetry collection, The Bride Aflame, explores romantic and familial relationships. Many of the poems speak to coming-of-age experiences centered around a marriage. Many of my short stories deal with surreal and traumatic experiences. My novel, Mirabilis, draws on my Catholic background and deals with themes of asceticism and sainthood.

I look forward to meeting all of you and to reading your stories, poems, novels, essays and anything else you happen to put pen to page!


Lucas Fulton-- Class of 2018



Why are you excited for the camp?

Reading and writing is my life-- anything involving that is my passion.

What is your favorite thing about Malone?

The cozy, small-college atmosphere

Favorite breakfast cereal?

Honey Bunches of Oats


Marissa Bennett-- Class of 2017



 Why are you excited for the camp?

I really love meeting students who share my passion for words and story telling. It’s even better when we can congregate as a group!

What is your favorite thing about Malone?

I love the trees. That’s more of an aesthetic thing, though. Aside from that, the faculty members are pretty cool.

Favorite breakfast cereal?

I’m secretly a seventy-year-old woman, so my favorite is actually Raisin Bran.