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Malone University was founded in 1892.

Responsibilities of the VP for Enrollment Management and University Marketing

The following is a list of what Malone University would consider essential to the position of VP of Enrollment Management and University Marketing, but should not be considered a complete list:

  1. Reflect, articulate, and promote the mission, vision, and identity of the University, both internally and externally.
  2. Exercise a working knowledge of the strategic relationship between the roles of marketing, financial aid, and athletics in securing student enrollment and retention and achieving enrollment and retention objectives.
  3. Work collaboratively with the President and other senior leaders to formulate and execute the University's strategic plan.
  4. Make recommendations to the President and lead administrators regarding annual enrollment goals, market trends, and financial aid projections.
  5. Serve as the University expert on matters of recruitment, admission, marketing and financial aid practices, policies, and strategies.
  6. Develop and lead a university-wide marketing and communication strategy that supports the University’s mission, aligns with enrollment objectives, and appropriately informs key constituents about the school’s strategic direction, achievements, and priorities.
  7. Provide vision, leadership, mentorship, and management for those administrators and staff who report to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing.
  8. Create opportunities for professional growth and development of enrollment management personnel.
  9. Establish measureable goals and objectives for areas of responsibility and develop / execute plans to achieve those objectives.
  10. Work collaboratively with the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs, and other key team members to create and implement a comprehensive student aid strategy and program: one that assures the discount goal while maximizing enrollment yields and revenue to the University.
  11. Work collaboratively with University Relations to plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive and integrated regional and national marketing, communication, and recruitment plan that establishes long-term enrollment health.
  12. Oversee the establishment of application policies and procedures, and coordinate the proper evaluation of applicants serving as a liaison with admissions staff and members of the faculty.
  13. Provide leadership in the development of all admissions literature as well as other marketing and advertising materials.
  14. Coordinate market research and on-going data base management programs. Constantly review and analyze the effectiveness of all phases of the operation and revise as necessary.
  15. Serve in a liaison capacity with internal and external constituencies including the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, high school and college counselors, and prospective students and parents.
  16. Represent the University in a speaking capacity at on and off-campus student-parent programs. Participate, as needed, in the general functions of the office -- student interviews, school visitations, college fairs, etc.
  17. Provide general coordination and assistance in all retention activities in collaboration with the Office of the Provost.
  18. Provide leadership in the development and execution of student financial aid policies, procedures, awards, scholarship programs, and budget levels.
  19. Assist with the strategic planning activities of the University with special attention to those areas that have enrollment implications.
  20. Continually assess and strengthen all phases of the enrollment management operation.
  21. Other duties as assigned by the President