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Topic: A Conversation About
the United States' Mission in the World

November 12
Johnson Center Memorial Center
7 p.m.

Does the United States have a unique mission in the world and how should Christians reflect on this?

Our next Worldview forum features four Malone professors who will share their views and field questions from the audience on both international and domestic issues and American objectives at home and abroad.

Hosted in the intimate setting of the Johnson Center’s Memorial Chapel on November 12 at 7 p.m., admission is free of charge but attendees must obtain a ticket from Student Services. Please note that seating is limited.

Forum speakers are: 

  • David Beer, assistant professor of political science

  • Joel Soza, professor of biblical studies

  • Jacalynn Stuckey Welling, professor of history

  • Scott Waalkes, professor of international politics

  • Moderator is Malcolm Gold, professor of sociology; chair, Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences

The intent of the Worldview Forum Series is to provide the community with the opportunity to practice critical thinking and civil dialogue in the comparison of various worldviews in a professionally moderated, academic environment. It is expected that the forums will help those who attend learn to identify the constitute elements of differing worldviews as well as their implications upon belief and practice.