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The Writing Center

Writing Center


The First-Year Writing Center at Malone is staffed with writing mentors who work by appointment with students enrolled in first-year composition. For students currently in ENG120 or ENG145, their writing mentor is their resource for becoming better writers, regardless of the assignment or course. 


For students not enrolled in a first-year composition course who wish to seek assistance with the drafting and revising process, qualified writing mentors are available. A consultation with a mentor may be scheduled by using either of the links below:

If you would like to schedule an appointment please email:

Christina Stump at pzfghzc1+znybar+rqh

Juliana Cole at wwpbyr1+znybar+rqh

or Hannah Gears at uptrnef1+znybar+rqh

All writing mentors are trained to conduct writing sessions as collaborative efforts on a particular assignment with the goal of improving the student's writing process, which will have lasting effects. Students should leave the sessions more confident and capable for all future writing they will do.