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Here are some schedule highlights for Zoo & Wildlife Camp:

More detailed schedule

Morning Activities

Walborn Reservoir for canoeing/kayaking and a nature hike

Beech Creek Botanical Garden for stream sampling and a nature hike

Akron Zoo for a behind-the-scenes tour, a zoo career presentation

Field identification of trees, birds, amphibians, and reptiles of Ohio

Afternoon Activities:

Malone Zoo: animal handling & training demonstration by Malone U students

Clover Field Wildlife Care: wildlife rehabilitation, nature hike

McKinley Park: stream sampling

Sippo Lake: nature hike, field identification of local animals & plants

Guest speaker: Stark Parks

Video recap & slide show from the week - visitors welcome!

Evening Events:

Games/social events

Night walk - owls, amphibians

College life Q&A with Malone U students

Movie night

Pizza party