HLC Standard Pathway for Accreditation

We are pleased to share with you that after a successful reaffirmation of accreditation visit by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (HLC) in Fall 2012, Malone University has been placed on the HLC Standard Pathway of the accreditation track. As scheduled, our next reaffirmation of accreditation visit is scheduled for 2022-23.

During this interim, the Malone University community has agreed to embark upon a purposeful institutional rebranding and prioritization process in order to further raise the level of educational value for our students.

In this institutional prioritization endeavor, the HLC Standard Pathway of Accreditation provides a gateway to tremendous opportunities to Malone. It will allow us to recalibrate our priorities while setting essential institution-wide goals and objectives in the context of long-term strategic planning geared toward qualitative improvements in the total learning experience of our students.

In this direction, Malone will respond to the obligations of the Standard Pathway and also fulfill the expectations of the associated Criteria for Accreditation through the implementation of intentionally adopted strategic initiatives. These initiatives are designed to enable us to improve upon the visibility of our institutional identity and protect the viability of our financial strength so as to ensure the continued vibrancy of our student learning experience.

As we navigate through this important institutional exercise in collaboration with the larger Malone University community who shares the ideals of Christian education, we encourage you to visit us again.


D. Nathan Phinney, Provost


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