Planning & Evaluation: Malone University Strategic Plan 125 & Beyond

Malone University Strategic Plan 125 & Beyond is a blueprint to ensure a vibrant and transformative student learning experience while advancing our mission, vision, and foundational principles beyond our first 125 years.

With our mission statements acting as both guides and filters, Strategic Plan 125 & Beyond is organized around three themes: Vibrancy – Transforming our Students, Visibility – Building our Reputation, Viability – Improving our Margins. Each theme has three to five specific strategies. Each strategy incorporates clear-cut initiatives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Working with the Malone University Strategic Planning Committee, the OIEA is at the forefront of the assessment and evaluation of our KPIs. This will enable us to monitor progress toward the fulfillment/realization of the strategies.

In addition to the assessment and evaluation of KPIs, the OIEA has also provided a template/framework for documentation of progress in each of the three strategic Themes via Profile of Progress reports.

As derivatives of our main strategic planning document, these Profile of Progress reports afford us the opportunity to demonstrate the:

  • Approach with which curricular and co-curricular units collaborative on advancing strategic initiatives
  • Processes through which data-informed decisions were/are applied for continuous improvement
  • Outcomes from endeavors "a" and "b"
  • Impact of the outcomes on transformation of our students (Vibrancy), building our reputation (Visibility), and improving our margins (Viability).



Ongoing Projects

Profile of Progress Report on Vibrancy as a Strategic Planning Theme

This profile is a data-supported summary of the approach, processes, outcomes, and impacts pertaining to the implementation of the Malone University strategic plan theme on "Vibrancy."

Institution-wide Assessment of Malone University Students' Spiritual Growth

True to our educational philosophy of integration of faith and learning, this is an inter-departmental collaboration on campus-wide, longitudinal assessment of the spiritual growth of Malone students.

One of the components is the Christian Faith and Cognitive Development Scale (CFCDS), adapted from the dissertation project of Laura S. Foote, Assistant Professor of Management Studies. The CFCDS is an instrument which estimates the relationships between cognitive development and spiritual maturity. Beyond the application of results in the context of assessment of students' spiritual growth, results will also be of instrumental value to continuous programmatic improvements related to strengthening the integration of faith and learning.

Another component is the Interfaith Diversity Experiences & Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS), a project sponsored by the Interfaith Youth Core in conjunction with North Carolina State University and New York University. It is a nationally instituted, cohort-based, longitudinal initiative on the dynamics of college students' interfaith preferences and engagement in multicultural, pluralistic society. It is anticipated that Malone's participation in this project will enable us to reflect on essential dimensions of students' spiritual development and provide valuable insights into how well our students are being prepared to engage as citizens in an increasingly global society.