Jason R. Courter


  • Ph.D. Wildlife Ecology, Clemson University
  • M.S. Biology, Eastern Kentucky University
  • B.S. Science Education, Taylor University


  • Assistant Professor of Biology, Malone University (2013 - present)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Taylor University (2012-2013)
  • Research Assistant, Clemson University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (2009-2012)
  • Rocky Mountain Field Instructor, Taylor University Biology Department (Summer 2008)
  • Teaching Assistant, Eastern Kentucky University Biology Department (2007-2009)
  • High School Biology and Earth Science Educator, Christiansburg High School, Virginia (2003-2007)

Teaching Assignments

  • Ornithology
  • Wildlife Biology and Conservation
  • Environmental Science
  • General Biology I and II
  • Botany
  • Research Methods in the Natural Sciences

Recent Scholarly Work

  • Arab A, JR Courter, J.Zelt. 2016 A spatio-temporal comparison of avian migration phenology using Citizen Science data. Spatial Statistics.  In press.
  • Chapman M, JR Courter, PE Rothrock, J Reber. 2016.  Riparian Width and Neotropical Avian Species Richness in the Agricultural Midwest.  The Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science.  In press.
  • Arab A and JR Courter. 2015 spatio-temporal trend analysis of spring arrival data for migratory birds. Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation 44 (10): 2535-2547.
  • Courter JR, RJ Johnson, KG Hubbard, WC Bridges. 2013. Assessing migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at broad temporal and spatial scales.  Auk 130: 1-11. Editor's Choice Award and popular media coverage by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and National Public Radio.
  • Courter JR, RJ Johnson, CM Stuyck, BA Lang, EW Kaiser. 2013. Weekend bias in Citizen Science data reporting: implications for phenology studies.  International Journal of Biometerology 57:715-720.
  • Courter JR and G Ritchison. 2012. Assymetries in mobbing behavior among nuclear flockmates. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124:627-630.
  • Zelt J, JR Courter, A Arab, RJ Johnson, S Droege. 2012 Reviving a legacy Citizen Science project to illuminate shifts in bird phenology.  International Journal of Zoology 2012:1-6.
  • Surasinghe TD, JR Courter, RF Baldwin, RJ Johnson. 2012. Use of threat-analysis to assess the effects of land development on biodiversity in a Blue Ridge-Piedmont landscape. Journal of Conservation Planning 8:1-11.
  • Surasinghe TD, JR Courter. 2012. Citizen science as a teaching lab in ecology.  Bioscene 38(2): 16-20.
  • Courter JR. 2011 Graduate students in conservation biology: helping bridge the Research-Implementation Gap.  Journal for Nature Conservation 20:62-64.
  • Courter JR and G Ritchison. 2010. Alarm calls of Tufted Titmice convey information about predator size and threat.  Behavioral Ecology 21:936-942.


I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and grew up working on my family's Christmas tree farm. I now live in Canton with my wife, Lynn, and three children. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors, birding, traveling, and playing the guitar and banjo. My hope is that through my classes students are equipped to understand and care for the natural world and are amazed by its complexity.