Katie Gamby

Katie Gamby, Ph.D., LPC, CWC
Assistant Professor, Counseling & Human Development Department


  • B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University
  • M.A., University of Toledo
  • Ph.D., University of Toledo


  • 2019-present, Assistant Professor, Counseling & Human Development Department, Malone University, Canton, OH
  • 2016-2019, Assistant Professor, School of Human Services-Master of Arts in Counseling, Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI
  • 2016-2019, Licensed Professional Counselor and CEO, The Wellife, LLC, Toldeo, OH
  • 2015-2016, Licensed Professional Counselor, University of Toledo Counseling Center, Toledo, OH
  • 2014-2016, Instructor of Record, Department of School Psychology, Higher Education, and Counselor Education, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Recent Scholarly Work

  • Brat, M., Gamby, K., Avadhanam, R., (2017). Self-Compassion: An approach to enhance millennial college students’ well-being. Counseling & Wellness: A professional counseling journal, 6.
  • Gamby, K., Harris, V., Domas, J., Byrne, S. (201#). A contextual analysis of the integration of referral strategies in CACREP counselor education programs (in process).
  • Armitage, G., Gamby, K., Salpietro, L. (201#). A phenomenological study of clinical mental health counselors’ experiences with mentorship in counselor education programs (in process).
  • Gamby, K., Clark, M., O’Hara, C., Ausloos, C., Delaney, C., & Granello, P. (201#). Professional counselors’ referral processes to complementary health practitioners (in process).
  • Gamby, K., LaFarga, C., Brat, M. (201#). Incorporating wellness concepts into group work: A curriculum example using the Learn, Expand, Engage (LEE) model (in process).
  • Jones, D., Park., J., Gamby, K., Bigelow, T. (201#). Implications of epigenetics on mental health (in process).
  • Gamby, K. (2017). Unity through cultural advocacy. Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development Newsletter.
  • Gamby, K. (2014). Advocacy heroes and heroines interviews- Dr. Sam Gladding, Chi Sigma Iota, http://www.csi-net.org/?page=Intv_Sam_Gladding.

Recent Presentations

  • Gamby, K., & Desposito, M. (2019). When CBT doesn’t work: A primer on Schema Therapy for maladaptive coping styles. All-Ohio Counselors Conference; Columbus, OH. November.
  • Jones, D., Park, J., Gamby, K., Bigelow, T. (2019). The connection between epigenetics and trauma: Applications for pedagogy, supervision, practice, and research. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference; Seattle, WA. October.
  • Gamby, K., & Desposito, M. (2019). Factoring wellness into treatment planning. American Counseling Association Conference; New Orleans, LA. March.
  • Gamby, K., & Desposito, M. (2018). Mental imagery for emotional regulation disorders. American Counseling Association Conference; Atlanta, GA. April.
  • Desposito, M., & Gamby, K. (2017). Creating an indivisible wellness plan to enhance personal growth. Falcons Leading for Change Conference; Bowling Green, OH. January.
  • Brat, M., Gamby, K., & Desposito, M. (2017). Reconciling gender and spiritual identity in LGBTQ+ individuals. American Counseling Association Conference; San Francisco, CA. March.
  • Gamby, K., & McBride-Klein, M., Armitage, G. (2017). Effective pedagogy to engage all counseling students in the multigenerational classroom. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference; Chicago, IL. October.
  • Gamby, K., & Desposito, M. (2017). Mental imagery as an intervention for mood disturbances in group work practice. All-Ohio Counselors Conference; Columbus, OH. November
  • Gamby, K., Brat, M., & McGhee, C. (2016). Discovering wellness through the use of guided imagery. American Counseling Association Conference; Montreal, Canada. April.
  • Gamby, K., Brat, M., & McGhee, C. (2016). Incorporating wellness concepts within the CACREP group work course curriculum. North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision; Bloomington, MN. October. 
  • Gamby, K. (2015). Creating wellness in your students: Bridging the gap between wellness and the classroom. Midwest Graduate Research Symposium; Toledo, OH. March.
  • Brat, M., LaFarga, C., Gamby, K., Kaur, V., Wertenberger, A., Intagliata, A., Behl, M., Russell, J., Brezinksi, K., Dari, T., Jancsin, J., & Laux, J. (2015). Identifying and managing multiple university relationships as a doctoral student. Ohio Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Conference; Columbus, OH. April.
  • McGhee, C., Gamby, K., & O’Hara, C. (2015). Creativity as a culturally relevant approach to fostering cultural sensitivity in students and supervisees. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference; Philadelphia, PA. October.
  • Paylo, M., Kress, V., Leskosky, M., Brat, M., Gamby, K., & Sedall, S. (2015). Using creative termination rituals with children and adolescents. All-Ohio Counselors Conference; Columbus, Ohio. November

Professional Awards

  • Northwest Ohio Counseling Association Counselor of the Year 2019: Awarded to one counselor in the Northwest Ohio Counseling region who provides outstanding services to their clients, who models exemplary ethical and professional behavior, and who shows commitment and dedication to the counseling profession.
  • University Fellowship 2015-2017: Highest student award from the College of Graduate Studies at the University of Toledo and is extended to only ten graduate students of exceptional ability and promise.
  • Alpha Omega CSI Doctoral Student of the Year 2015-2016