Sheri Hartman, PhD, APRN-CPNP


Dr. Sheri Hartman’s pediatric nurse practitioner experience consists primarily of children with developmental disabilities.  She has always to been drawn to populations with chronic conditions and enjoys the challenges that come with caring for them.  


  • PhD, University of Akron, Akron, OH
  • MSN - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • BSN , University of Cincinnati,  Cincinnati, OH


  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure, Ohio
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Ohio


  • Malone University MSN Program Director, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • University of Akron, Professor of Instruction
  • Indiana Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor  RNBS Program 
  • Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Scholarly Works

Hartman, S. (2021) A call for faith integration among graduate nursing students. Journal of Christian Nursing. Advance online publication. 

Hartman, S., Kidd, L., Resler, R., & Lax, G. (2019). An authentic poverty simulation for health care profession students using community volunteers experiencing poverty. Nurse Educator.

Hartman, S. (2018, October). An innovative strategy for community nursing student simulation experiences. Journal of Nursing Education, 57 (10), 630.

Tusaie, K., Acierto (Hartman), S., Murray, A.,  Chiu, S., & Fitzgerald, K. (2009).  Screening for Adolescent Self-Injury: A survey of Ohio Advanced Practice Nurses. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 5(5), 359-364.

Teaching Assignments

Undergraduate Nursing Program: NURS 312 Nursing Across the Lifespan III: Theory; NURS 314 Nursing Across the Lifespan III: Clinical

Graduate Nursing Program:  MSNE 501: Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation in Nursing Education; MSNE 530: Principles of Teaching and Learning Strategies: Integration of Technology into Nursing Education; MSNE 620: Synthesis for the Nurse Educator Role: Seminar and Practicum; MSN 560: Principles of Theory and Research: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice; MSN 694 Applied Scholarship in Nursing Practice:  Project Proposal; MSN 695 Applied Scholarship in Nursing Practice:  Project Implementation 

Little known fact

Recently, Dr. Hartman has found herself fascinated with the field of nephrology becoming an advocate for living kidney donation.  Through this journey, she was able to donate her kidney to her neighbor in the spring of 2020.  Her amazing family, including her husband, three children and three stepchildren, are her biggest supporters.  In her words, “My faith in the Lord carries me through each day and guides me where I need to be.”