Frequently Asked Questions

A few basics 

We bill one semester at a time

Fall bills are issued in July with an August 3 due date, and spring bills are issued in November with a December 3 due date. Important: The first payment of each semester guarantees your class registration.

Take a look at your preview bill

The “Previous Account Balance” in the Statement Summary box reflects any balance remaining from the previous semester. This figure will not update until the next billing cycle. 

You'll see two columns of figures

The first column is: “Charges” (for amounts billed), and the second is “Credits” (for payments and financial aid). The Current Account Balance reflects the amount due after financial aid or credit after financial aid.

Look below student name and address for some messages

Throughout the year, they may or may not pertain to your account in particular.

Look below the "Total amount due" for some very important information

 If paying monthly, the payment plan amount due, and payment due date are shown here. Otherwise the Total Amount Due should be paid by the due date.

Subsequent statements are published online monthly, regardless of whether you pay in full or on the monthly payment plan; they are normally available by the 20th of the month. If you chose the 4-monthly payment plan per semester, there is a $50 fee each semester, fall, spring and summer.

ePioneer is an online option for paying by credit card or directly from your checking or savings account.


I pre-registered for a full-time schedule. Why am I being charged for part-time tuition?

You may have been closed out of one of your classes selected. Please call the Registrar's Office to correct your schedule.

If I'm living on campus, shouldn't I be charged for room & board?

Yes. Please call Student Development  to verify your housing record.

Can I still change my board plan?

Maybe…freshmen are all on the Carte Blanche (full-meal) plan. Upperclassmen may contact Student Development for more info.

I'm a new student and I paid a $200 enrollment deposit. Why am I only getting credit for $80 or $180?

$20 pays your orientation fee. In addition, $100 is applied as a housing/security deposit for resident students.

I'm a returning student and I paid a $100 room draw fee. Don't I get that back?

If you move into your dorm room, you'll see a credit to your account in September.

What is the Comprehensive Fee? Do I have to pay that?

The comprehensive fee is a mandatory charge to all students registered for at least eight (8) hours. It finances the Student Health Center, plus all student organizations, events and publications. So get out there and participate!

What are Course Fees?

Certain classes involve non-tuition expenses, such as supplies, travel, tickets, entrance fees, etc, purchased on behalf of the students enrolled.

Do I have to keep the Mandatory Athletic Insurance? I have my own coverage...

If you are a student athlete, you must retain the Mandatory ICS (Intercollegiate Sport) coverage.

Questions About Your Financial Aid?

I received an award letter, but there is no aid on my bill.

Uh-oh, not good. Refer to the first FAQ in the "Charges" section above: if you have full-time aid and a part-time schedule, your aid will not show. Otherwise, please contact Financial Aid.

Where is my Federal Work-Study credit?

FWS will never show as estimated aid on the bill. A maximum earnings limit is awarded, but you must actually get a job and work before you'll earn work-study paychecks. The first full payday for fall isn't until September 15. Some students use FWS for tuition, some for other expenses.

Why are my loans lower than the amounts on the award letter?

With recent direct lending rules, 1.066% is retained by the government in fees before issuing loan funds. We therefore estimated your disbursed loans at 98.934%

Why is some of my other aid missing?

There might be missing or incomplete paperwork. Please speak with our staff in Financial Aid to help you sort out the details.

Questions About Your Payment?

Payments are due the third of each month from August through March. Call the Business Office to change your plan between full and monthly.

Everything looks right, but I just didn't think my payment would be so high. Now what?

Start with the Business Office to review your bill. If you're interested in a Parent PLUS or Alternative loan, call Financial Aid. If there are other issues you'd like to discuss, please contact Cliff Schenk in the Center for Student Success.

Can I make a payment before the August 3 due date?

Certainly. Use the remittance slip and envelope with your preview bill. Important! If paying monthly, an early payment (made before you receive your official fall bill) will reduce your total for the fall and not just the August 3 payment. You will still owe a lower August 3 payment.

My ending balance shows a minus sign. Do I owe anything?

A minus sign means a credit balance. If this is not what you expected, please let us review your account with you. If you expected a credit, please remember that it is just an estimate until all of your aid money is received. You can “spend” your estimated credit in the Campus store by charging books (in person) to your student account.